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Maybe it stems from becoming a mother a little over a year ago, maybe my mid-30s helped me appreciate a bigger sense of home, whatever it is, I’ve had this idea of “home” on the brain and more importantly, what family is.  So I recently reached out to a mom friend who seems to juggle it all with finesse and asked her to be the first of this new series I wanted to feature on Good Company, all about families.
I met Natalie about 10 years ago through the friendship of our husbands, and we became fast friends.  Natalie and I bond over a mutual love of discovering brands.  In fact, when I started Reservoir, she was the first phone call I made to pick her brain.  She has impeccable taste, and like myself, is a little obsessed with the elegance of Scandinavian design in simplicity and function.  I think that’s what made her blog, The Senses Five, so alluring.  Whether she was discussing interior design, a new shoe brand or her latest trip to the Botanical Gardens, I knew she would find the perfect chaise, heel or fan palms that would have me running to the garden center.  Also wine, we bond over wine.
What I love most about this woman, though, is her edge.  She was the definition of “lady boss” or “mom boss” before they were even hashtags.  I pretty much picture my friend with four arms.  One cradling a baby, another gripping her dog’s leash, another with her phone cranking out business calls and the last holding her fat mug of caffeine to keep 1, 2 & 3 arms moving like clockwork.  Now take that same image and insert a cool Eames Lounge Chair with Natalie sitting back, arms still going.  Now you get it..”mom boss”.  I’m not sure she sees it this way, but I’ve always kind of pictured mothers as the nucleus of the family, and Natalie is nothing short of heart.
Did I mention her hair also always looks perfect and freshly cut?
Introduce yourself!
​”Hi! I’m Natalie. My husband Nick and I have two boys, Oskar – 4 yrs & Magnus – 6 months. We live in Ann Arbor, Michigan with our 5 month old puppy Norman. I work in digital marketing from home and always have some side hustle going on – branding, website design, ppc, and recently interior design. ​We like music, travel, day drinking and back yard lounging.”
“I met my husband on myspace. His profile picture was a mannequin.”​  I had asked her to tell my readers something unique and of course, I knew she would deliver.  Like Natalie, her husband Nick has a quirky sense of humor and this didn’t fail to make me completely laugh out loud. “Also I died laughing at Nick getting a hoodie from your shop. Because I’ve never met a human that loves a hoodie more than that man.”
“Oskar in Gaelic means friend of deer and I read that the deer symbolizes gentleness, unconditional love and kindness. This is Oskar.”
Tell us about your blog, The Senses Five!  
​”The Senses Five started 10 years ago! So I honestly can’t remember why I started it. I was probably bored at my desk at work. But I definitely loved the idea of a place where I could talk about all the stuff I liked. ​The internet was transforming into such a different space at that time. It was fun to get in and meet a whole new community of people. Now my readers can expect a lot of nothing! Ha. I had been blogging for so long and really loved where it started to go once I started a family, but I got into a weird place and lost track of why I was doing it anymore. I feel a resurgence coming. So stay tuned! Until then you can find thousands of pictures of my kids on Instagram.”
I asked her how she does it all.  From my viewpoint, Natalie always makes motherhood look so effortless!
“I don’t. I usually let a few balls drop (ahem, the blog). I always said I would have this order of things: me, wife, mom, everything else. That was a lot easier to say before I actually had kids. Oh the things we think before children. So silly. In the past year I have met an incredible group of women who are all business owners, hustlers, & mamas. They have helped me find time for myself. And I think carving out that time for me has made me better at everything else. But I still have a lot of work to do. Especially in the wife department, I keep hearing of these elusive date nights people go on. I want in on this trend. Also, ask for help, delegate tasks, don’t try to do it all. Go to sleep with dishes in the sink. Who cares. Caring less! That is my trick. Figure out your priorities and care less about the stuff at the bottom of the list. ​Oh, and find a great hair stylist.”
What is the one thing you can’t live without? “Coffee. I know I’m probably supposed to say something like “my wonderful kids” or “my incredible supportive handsome husband” but lets be real. It’s coffee. I can not live without coffee.”
Natalie has known me since I started Reservoir and her unwavering support has always been the highest of compliments.  I asked her to share a bit about what she loved about the shop and some of her favorite pieces from this brand rep season!
“It’s attainable slow fashion. I love that it’s well made classic pieces, yet they aren’t boring.  You’ll have them for years and you don’t have to break the bank in the process. ​ Plus the fit is flattering and the fabrics are dreamy.”
​”That ivory top is my jam. I love that it is essentially a crewneck tee, that you can wear with jeans on your average Tuesday OR you can put a cute bralette that shows underneath and it gives it a little sexy edge with it’s semi sheer fabric.”
“I will be cramming Magnus into this jumper until he’s busting at the seams.”
Thanks for chatting with me today, Natalie!
Keep up with this beautiful Mama & her boys at The Senses Five!  Or follow her  Instagram!
Photography credit: ​Nicole Haley
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