Butterfly, Gardens, Sculpture Oh My!

Some days are just about exploration, discovering new things, rubbing your sleepy winter eyes and realizing Spring has finally arrived.  When Adam & I decided to head to Michigan over the Easter weekend, I had one goal visiting my hometown of Grand Rapids, go to Frederick Meijer Gardens; because Spring, in my book, means long strolls, sculpture parks and botanic gardens!


The photos really speak for themselves, and I couldn’t have taken enough to satisfy my excitement if I tried.  It was a perfect spring day, high 60s.  The outdoor sculpture park was quiet as we were on a nearly private tour, and the Japanese Cherry Tree Promenade was in full bloom.  The sun was shining and the koi were curious.

A little poem inspired from our trip, just for you, Carmella… If I could lift you up for the world to see, there is only love between you & me. If everyday isn’t as bright& bold, I will be just as happy, for I have you to hold.

After a two hour stroll between steel stallions, long legged Bourgeois’ and a towering Liberman, we entered the conservatory to blink at flapping butterflies, dancing and kissing between banana trees and orchids. Weaving our way through the cactus exhibit and rounding out our afternoon with the works of Chinese artist & activist, Ai Weiwei.

From afar this looks like a tapestry, but this self portrait of Ai Weiwei is made entirely of Legos! The wallpaper is his work as well where if you look closely amongst the ever-relevant Twitter birds and surveillance cameras, you can see his reflection.

600 Days “With Flowers”, Ai Weiwei photographed his bicycle handles where his basket carried daily bouquets.

On the surface, this day was perfect and exactly how I always pictured days we would spend as a family.  On a subliminal level, this day was everything I needed to let my new baby Mama-brain relax, inhale and pamper its senses.

Do you have an amazing botanical garden near you?  What are your must-see spots?  I love to discover anything gardens, animal-related & artsy!


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