White Out

This past Tuesday, when only days before I was planning my spring garden of cherry tomatoes, summer squash and heirloom carrots while giddily counting the eggs that the hens had finally laid after their long winter hiatus, it snowed over 24 inches.  We were in a white out! Literally.  Here on our teenie tiny farm we have an acre or so looking out our back double doors. It is my favorite view every morning, opening the floor length cotton drapes into a shower of sunlight beaming into our great room.

On this day, there was no shower, no speck of gold peering through the clouds.  It was only a fog roll of snowflakes, drifting and building and piling high up to our window sills.  Shocking my senses, sight, touch and sound, as if the gusts were screaming “you silly woman, I’m only getting started”! There was no foreseen end to the mounting white or to our plow bill as the truck pulled up for a second, third and fourth time.  Even the hens were huddled away, no where to be seen.

This was by far the least fun part of the snow mounting!

In some ways though, it was magnificent. A rather amateur winter had hiked up his pants, stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park.  The view was breathtaking and arrogant in its longevity.  For most of the day, it bulldozed through, trapping my husband, mother (visiting in from an ironically sunny Michigan) and I inside. Watching Carmella bounce and us giggle over glasses of cabernet and bottomless mugs of coffee, it was an unexpected and grateful family day. We couldn’t see twenty feet ahead peering out those windows, but somewhere in my hot-blooded, cold-hating soul, I had an urge to run outside, dive in and twirl amongst the sea of snow.

Tuesday’s moon finally appeared, then passed and Wednesday’s morning sun rose as if it was all a dream. Cars began to emerge through white rolling hills paving wet roads.  My mom’s departing plane was on time. Schools resumed, while whispers of sledding started to rumble, then cheer.  Part of me would have been content to simply move into spring, sowing seeds, happily pulling weeds and packing away my down jackets for a new season has arrived. Mother Nature always seems to surprise me. So I’ll take a few moments to appreciate this last ditch effort by winter.

It is well deserved.

No better friend to be stuck in a blizzard with than Mom!


Stay warm!


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