Her Nursery, My Sanctuary

A little over six months ago, when we were still waiting for Carmella to arrive, I put the final touches on this room.  Her nursery had become my sanctuary.  A quiet place where I could rock my anxieties away and dream of tiny toes, 10 fingers and pale pink cheeks that I could pinch and kiss.  In a time that seemed like everything in my body and every room in the house was undergoing major reconstruction, this tiny 12 x 9 space was calming.

My husband put up the walls, trimmed the doorway, and my father joked that once again he was painting one of our rooms my favorite color “white”.  So it may have taken me a little while longer to envision what I wanted in this room, because frankly, we hadn’t met Carmella yet. Who would she be? What would she like? Until one day I stumbled upon this rug. Modern, geometric and the perfect hues of pastel.  Somewhere dancing between Scandinavian, woodland and farmhouse, this nursery came to life and I could picture this future darling of mine smiling.  Filling the room with ceramic planters filled with succulents, favorite hand-me-down books and this gorgeous woven accent pillow, each day as it evolved like my belly grew, I fell in love with this room more than anywhere else in the house.

Clean lines and a simple wood style crib from Babyletto made a small, closet-size room feel open. photo by Ethan Harrison Photography


A faux fur sheep rocker adds the perfect modern farmhouse touch!


Window sill of antique finds, homemade gifts and a reminder that her Dad was even a young boy once. photo by Ethan Harrison Photography

Add plants to your nursery to provide extra oxygen to your baby’s room! photo by Ethan Harrison Photography

We took an old entertainment center, and with the help of my MIL Renee, primed, painted and hung a short clothing rail on the inside to line her outfits. I actually prepped around 20 outfits for Carmella’s arrival, just so it was one less thing to worry about as newbie parents! Adding woven & wood baskets for socks and onesies, bonnets and sleepers; all the itty bitties needed to keep baby comfy and at arms reach for new mamas in a panic.  Finishing off the look, we replaced the old wood knobs with porcelain pulls, decorated like a Wonderland fairytale of long-eared rabbits with ruffled collars.

Possibly my favorite outfit was this hand knit dress by my dear friend’s mother, Cary; every scallop edge crocheted like snowflakes in the silkiest yarn one has every touched. photo by Ethan Harrison Photography

photo by Ethan Harrison Photography

When she came home that first day on September 3rd 2016, we took her straight to her nursery.  We laid her in her crib and she reached out her arms as if to say, “We’re here! I made it!”  It was a long journey, but our little Carmella Rose was, at last, home.  

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