For My Honey At Valentines

Despite the fog roll of snow that barrelled past yesterday and now this foot hoovering outside my window, laughing at me as I type this post for Nourish today, the anticipation of spring is creeping through me!  Valentines is just a day a way and while Adam & I are likely to spend it over reheated soup from the Beacon Farmer’s Market and binge watching the last episodes of season 3 of the History Channel’s Vikings (so good.), this holiday represents the transition of winter to beautiful spring blooms for me! My daily daydreaming is filled with garden planning, prepping for our new bee hive and the “should we-should nots” of introducing more pullets to the coop.

So alas, I’ll focus a little. This one is for you, Honey, happy valentines.



Turn up the stereo, Honey.  Courtney Barnett, a zany indie-folk Australian songwriter is a must listen.  Her deadpan style is a perfect synonym for this time of year, where all we crave are tulips shooting up through dissipating threads of white, then cue blizzard.  Fear not! Avante Gardener, a comical recount of tomato growing and going into anaphylactic shock, will have you pulling off your wool winter socks and tip-tap dancing with your morning coffee.



While we’re on the subject, let me introduce you to my sweet heart!  Put your cane sugar aside and please THROW AWAY your packets of Stevia & Splenda. Instead thank those little spring buzzers, honey is an incredible power-packed superfood. The long list of its health benefits can be found here, but its anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties are worth a mention!  It helps fight cancer, regulate cholesterol and for those of us on the brink of entering pollen season with handkerchief in our back pockets, did you know that consuming local sourced honey will actually help you overcome much of your plant driven allergies?  I am a big advocate of shopping local, but buying local honey you are not only making a sustainable purchase by supporting your community farmers, you are also ingesting small amounts of your surrounding plant pollens and over time will actually become less affected by their allergens.

Naturally sweeten up your tea, coffee, yogurt.. Spread it on a morning muffin or add it to many of your favorite recipes in place of sugar and keep an eye out for my upcoming Gluten Free Brownie Recipe, this honey lovin’ dessert will have you convinced!



What do you get when you combine a flower farmer and an illustrator?  The most beautiful window display all about Spring!

I met Diana Cowdery a few years ago and fell in love with her dreamy lifestyle of growing, harvesting and designing her own flower bouquets.  From farmer to florist, she works with her own grown native blooms to brighten your wedding day and kitchen tables.  In winter, her dried floral creations are still color rich and a wintergreen wreath I bought from her in early December still adorns my front door without imperfection.

Illustrator Emily Sylvester has a way of bringing nature to life! From geraniums to goats, her illustrations and prints are brilliant and playful, but Emily is also a master of lettering. Check out some detailed photos of her process as she created the border for the shop & more of her work here!

Together with their combined talents, these two women showered our front window display at Reservoir in a flower barrage that would make any passer by blush for Spring!


Since I can’t bottle the smell of my baby (which is every mother’s goal, right?), I’ll take this as a close second! I’ve always loved the Burt’s Bees brand, made in the USA and honey bee focused products. Careful to steer clear of parabens and phthalates, washing Carmella with their tear free Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash makes me feel confident she’s getting a clean and safe bath every Sunday and Wednesday, putting it at the top of my list for baby must-haves. I have a feeling we’ll keep a bottle of this next to our kitchen sink for years to come!



Ok, so I may be jumping the gun on Spring, but can you really blame me? In the meantime, to cure those winter blues and that blasted winter tickle in the back of your throat, use this age-old Grandpa’s recipe for a Hot Toddy.

1 Shot of Hudson Baby Bourbon (or whiskey of your choosing)

1 Tablespoon of local sourced Honey

1 Tablespoon of Lemon Juice

1/4 Teaspoon of Cinnamon

3/4 Cup Water

Warm & enjoy!



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