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Nourish is a place I share some of my favorite things that I feel have nourished my mind or body! People, places, things, ideas! 

Also thank you again for all your support last week as we prepared to launch the blog. The #hh5daysofgiveaways was a success! Winners are below!



Have you ever heard a songbird? Something tells me Leyla McCalla was possibly one in her previous life. I love folk and bluegrass, so maybe our music taste isn’t quite in sync. But there hasn’t been a single guest that we’ve played her for, as we sit cooking up some eggs & toast for breakfast, that hasn’t asked us her name.

A Haitian-American with Creole and Cajun influence, McCalla has a unique sound that will make any cloudy day feel illuminated. One favorite of many is “A Day For The Hunter, A Day For The Prey“.



We’re Hudson Valley based, so when the long awaited Hudson Valley Brewery opened we couldn’t be more ready to get a taste! Enter Amulet!! I really have no idea how they came up with it, but simply put, it’s incredible. I don’t like the color pink and I’m typically a wine drinker, but this might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen or tasted in a glass. One look and you will want to try it and trust me, you won’t be disappointed! If you don’t trust “the wine drinker”, trust my husband. He tried to grab a growler of it on our way out, but they were already sold out! No worries though, these guys are just getting started. We will be back another time veryyy soon and I foresee many growlers in our future.

Check out this article about the Hudson Valley Brewery in Hudson Valley Magazine! Congrats guys! You deserve it.



Maybe it’s because my close friends and family always joke about the vast number of ideas I come up with, but when my close pal, Lauren, gave Carmella this book at her recent visit, I fell in love. The illustrations by Mae Benson are so gorgeous, I want to hug the pages, but I think it’s the message written by Kobi Yamasaki that really stands out for me. I’d recommend it for anyone, of any age, to read and be inspired by.

Find What Do You Do With An Idea? here or go check it out at your local library!



When I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy with Carmella, I quickly learned a few new foods and I would be close friends! Cinnamon is my very best. Not only does it help regulate your blood sugar, it’s full of antioxidants and helps lower your cholesterol. And that’s just to name a few! I love the added flavor it gives to my coffee, toast or even an afternoon snack on apple slices, but if you’re not as much of a fan, just a little will go a long way. So add it to soup or a peanut butter sandwich, you’ll never taste it, but it’s magic will still be working.

While as gestational diabetes occurs, it had freed me from its sugarless clutches as soon as Carmella arrived. However, my love of cinnamon seems infinite now, as does it’s benefits!

Learn more about why you should also love cinnamon here!



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