Remember when you were little, I’m picturing age 6 or 7, and your mother asks you as she tucks you into bed what the best part of your day was? You energetically list off 9 things (even though she meant 1!) before your head feels heavy and you plummet into the pillow fast asleep, already having forgot the 10, I mean 9.. wait, 8? best things that happened that day.

For the past year or so, especially the most recent, I have been riding this rollercoaster. It had so many highs, lows and in betweens that I started to feel like I was losing track of my 9 best “so to speak”. Graciously my husband, Adam, pointed out that “mom brain” is a real condition. Something he felt the need to medically validate via webMD when I used it as reasoning for a handful of “whoops, sorry I forgot!” moments. Nevertheless what I realized is that I wanted to calm the waves of my psyche;  take a deep breath and really absorb each moment of the good, the bad and the ugly for what they were worth before presumably crashing deep into a rock like dream state only to emerge for a mouse squeak from Carmella.

So I imagine its best to introduce myself properly then.  My name is Erin, Aunie (no T) to my nieces & nephews, and now prouder than the outstretched rays of the sun, I am Mommy to a beautiful, blue-eyed Coconut, our 5 month old Carmella Rose. My fly-fishing, master of concrete counter tops, my BF & loving husband, Adam, and I have been together now for 15 years. Married 3 ago, here, on the back porch of this very house on Hudson. Moving from our native roots in Michigan to NYC for almost a decade, we finally settled here in the Hudson Valley.  Rich in history, art, food and the best 5 acre plot money could afford, this house that we are endlessly renovating feels like home with our baby, two dogs, and seven chickens.

When we moved here I was still commuting to New York City, every morning, five days a week.  I won’t complain about the train ride along the Hudson River, its breathtaking and never got old.  But deep down, manifesting, swelling like a hurricane picking up speed was this impulse to break free from the herd entering & exiting Grand Central every peak hour. So I did, opening the door to a small boutique on the Main St. of Beacon, NY, called Reservoir.  Aptly named after my favorite place in the Catskills, the Ashokan Reservoir, it also by dictionary definition meant “a collection of”. And curated of local, American made and sustainable designers and craftsmen, I felt good about what I was doing again.

When I became pregnant for a second and gratefully successful time with Carmella, the idea to slow down, eat healthier, live simply, love widely and buy mindfully had become instinct. I discovered a lot about myself as a woman and as a mom.  As an entrepreneur, a citizen and wife. Mostly, I realized I wanted to wake up every morning while the sun was still a pale ruby sky, yawning across the hillside and be able to reflect on my 9 best things that happened to me yesterday because they matter. What we do should matter. I wanted to kiss my husband, pick up Carmella, go outside to grab some fresh chicken eggs from the coop and maybe at a free moment in my day share a little something with you that makes a sustainable life a little sweeter.

Thanks for reading.


Photography for this post by Ethan Harrison



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  • Reply Kristen Williams

    Lovely! So excited to see where you take this. Love to you all! xoxo, Kristen

    February 3, 2017 at 7:04 pm
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