Fruits of Our Labor

    Ever since I was a little kid in Michigan, I loved the U-pick farms.  I used to tell my mom that my favorite day of the year was our trip to Robinettes to collect apples, scaling each tree, reaching out to each rosy red and tossing them down to her.  It may not be Robinette’s these days or necessarily apples, but it will inevitably will be one of my favorite things to do.

    So when Adam & I moved to the Hudson Valley and I discovered the abundance of local farms that had U-pick throughout the seasons, I was like a child in a candy store. Or a child on a farm with dirty knees who loves the feeling of accomplishment in filling a basket with juicy fruit!

    From Fishkill Farms and their awesome bbq to Weed Orchard which in my opinion have the best cider donuts, there are endless incredible farms & orchards to dive in and get your “pick” on. One I am particularly am fond of is Lawrence Farm Orchards! From the most breathtaking view atop the great hill looking down onto the Hudson and the valley below, you can pluck spinach greens & berries.  Discover your inner 5 year old, or bring them!, to the tiny child-size village, equipped with a fire station, ice cream shop, school house amongst others.  Pet the goats, watch the peacocks, meet the giant, and ever-so friendly, farm dogs or just enjoy strolling through the fields of raspberries, strawberries and more.

    When my mom recently visited from Michigan, I knew this had to be on our to-do list.  I had to show Carmella all about U-pick and who better to do it with than the person who always took me.  Here’s just a few photos of our fun day of strawberry picking, I’ll be sure to head back for more when other fruits are ready.  And come back next week when I share some of the tasty jams that came from the “fruits of our labor”!

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